By the Numbers

Work is steady at Blue Oval City with more contractors, laborers, and activity than ever. With skilled laborers in high demand, the Southeast Laborers’ District Council has added skills training to our recruitment system. When motivated, hard-working people are interviewed, but lack construction experience, we will work to schedule them in a concrete or OSHA class, at no cost to them.

  • 7,519 people met with a recruiter, scanned our QR code, or visited
  • 999 submitted an online application and were contacted by a recruiter
  • 392 have been interviewed and assessed for skills
  • 56 have received a total of 2,240 hours of construction skills training
  • 126, so far, have completed the hire-in-process and employed on the project
  • 99 or 79% of newly hired workers are residents of Haywood, Tipton, Madison, Fayette, Hardeman, Lauderdale, Shelby, or Crockett Counties

79% West TN Hire

Other TN: 3

Outside TN: 24

*All 10 out-of-state workers came as contractors' key workers, not LIUNA recruits
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